About Us

Mike and Kathy LaBarbera

Mike LaBarbera has been in the marine industry for over 25 years. Prior to that, he was in the aerospace industry. When the layoffs in the late 80’s came, he saw an opportunity to pursue his dream of owning his own business. His passion for the water and the outdoors coupled with his hull cleaning experience made creating a Dive Service a great fit!

Kathy and Mike wanted to have a positive impact on the Hull Cleaning industry. They were founding members of the United Diver’s Alliance, a small group of Hull Cleaning companies dedicated to raising the standards in their trade. Their focus has always been “Quality, Integrity & Reliability”. They also have participated in Best Management Practices and in the Clean Marina protocol. This commitment to high standards is what has contributed to their success.

Kathy and Mike are dedicated to customer service and are ready to welcome you aboard their Down Under family of customers.

Kathy and Mike – hanging out…
Kathy and Mike LaBarbera
Mike about to dive in…

Mike getting some help at work from their Nautical helpers – Docker and Splash!

Docker and Splash…waiting to work!
Docker is ready to help
Mike ready to dive in…

Can you tell “Dedicated to the Marina business” that even their own wedding was in the Yacht Club and they came and left on a boat!

Mike and Kathy’s wedding in the Yacht Club
Arriving in a boat…
…And leaving in a boat!